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Sign In with Edmunds. I have a Chevrolet Traverse. XM cuts out. Dealer tells me its fault is from cell towers. My other chevy has no problems and previous chevy had no problems. Im fighting this. If they can't fix it at least allow me to take it to an outside vendor. They tell it will boid my warranty. But what good is the warranty if there not gonna fix it.

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September edited June in GMC. Our factory radio suddenly has a XM no signal problem for the last couple of months.We all can agree that SiriusXM enriches the driving experience a lot. So reception issues can really put a damper on your trip. Luckily, SiriusXM audio quality problems are pretty easy to troubleshoot and fix.

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Is the audio quality iffy? Is there a lack of range when you adjust the volume, bass, or treble? If yes, then your stereo system is likely the culprit behind the poor audio quality. In such a case, you can look into upgrading your stereo system. If everything sounds okay, then the issue probably lies in your SiriusXM system. To find out what exactly is wrong with your SiriusXM system and how to fix it, take a look at this of list symptoms and possible causes:.

You or your installer chose the frequency during the set-up process. Your car radio needs to be tuned to that exact frequency to play good quality sound. If the car radio tuner gets bumped just a little, the sound quality will be poor. You can find the frequency your SiriusXM radio is broadcasting on by pushing the menu button and looking for the setting.

During the setup process, your SiriusXM radio was set to broadcast on an FM signal that was unused in your city. As you travel, you may find a radio station also broadcasting on the same frequency.

To fix this, you can change the frequency that your SiriusXM radio is using. To do this:. Troubleshooting this issue is easy. If they are, then check these two things:. Does the volume suddenly drop once you turn on SiriusXM? For instance, local traffic and weather channels use different audio technology than other channels. The sound on non-music channels is compressed as compared to music channels, so it sounds different. If you think that might be the case, listen to other channels.I purchased a Toyota Tacoma last October and love it, however, I have one major problem - the radio.

It has a WMA stereo which actually sounds pretty good when it works. I had problems with the radio when the truck was fairly new- those being problems with the volume control and tuning stations. I had the first radio replaced at the dealer. Now I am having the same problems with the new radio and have ordered another radio.

The dealer actually admitted to me that they have had problems such as these before with Tacomas.

toyota radio reception problems

Should I get the dealer to order a different brand radio or what should I do? Concerned my radios will continue to need replacement and my warranty will run out and leave me holding the bag!

The dealer is only going to install a Toyota radio. Maybe some other style radio for this vehicle will work better. As for the warranty running out…If there was a problem before the warranty ran out then it should be covered after the warranty ran out.

Keep all receipts. Yeah, you would have to pay for it, but you can get a much better stereo than a factory radio. I also have a Toyota Tacoma. I got it in September The first radio, the one that came with the truck, had problems with the volume control sometimes not working. Toyota replaced that radio.

It was out of stock so I had to wait for about 6 weeks. The second radio also had the same problem but not as bad as the first radio.

toyota radio reception problems

I waited for a while thinking it would quit all together and make it easier to show them. It stayed about the same and Toyota also replaced that radio. Now the third one had not had the problem of the volume control not working but every now and then the display will be blank. I drove to Toyota when it was doing that and they said the technician would have to check it. I did not have time to leave the truck, it was lunch time and I had to get back to work.

toyota radio reception problems

With the first two radios, the person at the desk would look at it and I could show them what was wrong. Not this time. The person would not come out to the truck and look at the display. It started working after I drove away. All three of the radios also would have an occasional problem, when going from FM1 to FM2 the station does not always change like it should.

The radio is the base model that comes with the extended cab trim line truck. MikeInNH July 5,pm 2. Ranck July 5,pm 3. Listener July 5,pm 4. Whitey July 5,pm 6.The Toyota Sienna is a family minivan first produced by Toyota in and renowned for high reliability; it is still in production as of The Toyota Sienna can develop chronic radio problems, however, which often take some time and troubleshooting to resolve.

The radio display in a Toyota Sienna can flicker, or work intermittently, due to water leaking through to the radio components during heavy rain or due to a defective LCD backlight.

Display problems typically are resolved by replacing the Toyota Sienna radio. Toyota Sienna radios can suffer from bad reception, particularly AM channels that receive a weaker signal. Poor reception can result from interference from other electrical components in the Toyota Sienna. Check the Sienna for loose or damaged alternator and sparkplug wiring and make the necessary replacements.

Amplifier problems in the Toyota Sienna, often indicated by popping or hissing sounds or lack of volume, can be caused by a poorly attached ground wire. Amplifier Problems Amplifier problems in the Toyota Sienna, often indicated by popping or hissing sounds or lack of volume, can be caused by a poorly attached ground wire.Remember Me? Site Navigation. Poor Radio Reception. Just about all the stations are distorted at times, and other some local stations don't come in at all.

I've searched the threads, and found the following info: There are 2 antenna connections, plus an antenna amp line. The antenna amp line must be supplied with 12V in order to operate. My question: On a factory installation of the base radio 3-in1is the antenna amp supplied with 12V?

Or is the amp line there, but only supplied with voltage on models with other than the base radio installed? As in, maybe the 3-in-1 doesn't have a 12V output to which the amp can be connected, so Toyota didn't hook it up I haven't been able to discern from the forums whether or not this amp line is supplied with 12V from the factory, and I would like to avoid tearing apart my dash with the intention of powering this line, only to find that it's already being supplied with 12V.

Hmmm, wierd because my JBL radio is fine with reception. Its actually very easy to get to the radio. I've done it numerous times now. Oh yeah, Robotech avatar right? Yes, there are two different antennas, with two different connections to the back of the head unit. The radio is supposed to "compare" the two signals and "choose" the strongest for the best radio reception possible.

This is known as a diversity antenna system. I noticed that only one of the antenna leads had 12v supplied for the antenna amplifier when I swapped out my factory head unit. The other had no power to it at all.

toyota radio reception problems

I noticed a significant reduction in reception with the 12v power removed from the antenna lead. Thanks for the input. Guess I'll just have to take a peak behind the dash. Yup, Robotech. I have heard a few people who have had problems like that.

My parents had the same thing where none of the stations would pick up clearly.

Toyota Sienna Radio Problems

The RDS was not picking up either. It ended up being a loose connection in the back of the radio. Everything works perfect now. I found this thread that may help you. Look at the post by spyderdoc.

Originally Posted by Jimbo. Originally Posted by lasergil. I found the antenna amp under the pilar moulding between the rear passenger door and the third row window. I will try to determine if there is power to it since I only have the larger antenna connected to a new pioneer navigation system I installed over the weekend.By john77December 21, in Corolla Club. I have had my Corolla Hatchback from new. The radio has been fine until a couple of months ago, now the FM reception drops away very frequently when driving - usually in the same places.

I first noticed it when descending a steep hill into a valley so I'm guessing that the signal strength reaching the radio from the aerial is not as strong as it should be - or could it be a fault in the radio itself? It doesn't seem very easy to pull the radio out just to check if the aerial cable is plugged in correctly at the back, and I can't think why it shouldn't be. Is there anything else I can check - could it be a problem at the aerial end? Exact same happened to mine. Does it not pick up any stations apart from the mighty classical fm when you scan???

It depends - in some areas reception becomes poor but it can still pick up stations. In more remote areas it sometimes loses all reception and scanning fails to find any stations. I've just noticed that there is some damage to the rubber coating at the base of the aerial, exposing a little bit of the spring,could this be relevant?

I bought a 04 plate Corolla a month and a half ago and the radio signal was pretty much non-existent. When scanning automatically nothing would show up and when manually tuning to a known radio frequency it was very very weak.

Through process of elimination I tracked down my particular problem to the antenna plug that goes into the back of the radio. When it was fully in and nice and secure, I got no signal. When pulling it out slightly, no signal. When pulling it out a bit further and then pressing it at an angle all of a sudden got a decent signal. When pushing it back in and holding it at any angle no signal.

I have a 2011 Camry and the radio reception is horrible. Any suggestions?

But back out again and at a certain angle, back came the signal. But it was impossible to push the radio back in and keep the aerial plug in this sweet spot as it had to be pretty loose. On FM it will automatically scan and stop at stations and pick up the RDS signal which it didn't before and I can also get 5 live and TalkSport on AM albeit with a slight hiss, but before there was no chance of anything on AM so I'm pretty pleased.

As your signal seems to be getting worse and then coming back then it maybe different from my experience of pretty no reception anywhere, but if you're able to get the radio out and have a play around with the aerial plug then at least it'll help to narrow down the issue. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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How To Troubleshoot SiriusXM Reception Issues

Corolla Club Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted December 21, Hi, I have had my Corolla Hatchback from new. Thanks John. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.EHG Junior Member.

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Sometime this weekend, the FM reception suddeenly became very spotty AM is finebut here's the strange thing.

I first noticed the problem when leaving an underground parking garage. Whenever I go into a garage, the FM reception naturally becomes poor; however, when leaving the garage, the reception did not come back. Later on in the day, I took the car out again, and the reception was fine.

Sunday afternoon, I went back to another underground parking garage, and again, when leaving the garage, the reception did not come back. However, unlike the first time, the reception did not improve on Monday morning - or since then. OK, I know this is very likley just a coincidence For example, is it possible that the radio tries to detect when the signal deteriorates, and then compensate - in the same way that a pad or phone will compensate by dimming the brightness when it gets darker?

But imagine if that functionality started deteriorating, and once it got brighter again, it started taking longer and longer before the brightness level would increase. So is it possible that the radio has some similar compensation method that is breaking down - and is not adjusting itself, even though I've been out of the garage for several days? Just a thought Have you checked the proper fitment of the radio antennae, it may sort of loose Raytheeagle Senior Member.

How many miles on your Prius? Any other electronic issues other than the radio? I have had issues recently where the display will be blank, but the radio will be playing.

I push on the radio display and it returns to normal. Some here have had issues with the radio and have replaced them.

Factory XM radio intermittently goes NO XM SIGNAL, dealer not helping.

It could be as simple as a loose connection, but with buttons not working as designed under certain circumstances, a replacement might be in order. Pamy Junior Member. I have been having radio problems as well with static in certain areas of driving.

The dealer couldn't find anything wrong with it.

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